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Yahoo! Research Lab

Just like Google is doing for a while now with Google Labs, Yahoo will now also demonstrate newly developed features and gimmicks at Yahoo! Research Lab.

Update [01.21.2004]: Newsarticle at on the subject

Johannes Beus - 20.01.2004 08:16

Google AdSense soon to be in Emails? is reporting that Google plans on expanding their Google AdSense program to emails. The necessary technology has already been purchased with last year's acquisition of Sprinks.

Johannes Beus - 18.01.2004 13:54

Optimize for Inktomi

Seeing how you are unable to neglect Inktomi in 2004, there is an article on SEOChat about Inktomi optimization.

Johannes Beus - 15.01.2004 19:42

Yahoo is once and for all doing their own searches

It is clear now that Yahoo will let their contracts with Google expire at Q1 2004. Yahoo announced that they will start using their own searchengine that is based on Inktomi at that time. Unlike with WEB.DE, this should noticeably lessen Google's market-shares.

Johannes Beus - 15.01.2004 12:57

Yahoo goes Ebay in China

Yahoo plans on starting an online-auction-platform in China in cooperation with the Chinese websiteoperator Sina in mid-2004.

Johannes Beus - 14.01.2004 15:30

Microsoft blogs

Microsoft is getting on the “Blog-train” and will let their employees blog at Maybe we will get some new about the already quite active MSNBot in the future.

Johannes Beus - 14.01.2004 08:41

Email-spam banned for the first time by law in India

An Indian Judge has banned a commercial spam-distributer from sending unsolicited emails to the users of the state provider Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited, in the first case of its kind in India. Let's hope that Germany will also take steps to battle spam, even though right now my mailbox is filled more with virus-mails from Sober.C (also thanks to Spamassasin and Firebird's spamfilter).

Johannes Beus - 14.01.2004 00:13

Google's January Update

Today, Google updated both the backlinks as well as the PageRank. The changes can also be seen on

Johannes Beus - 11.01.2004 10:07

Lycos on a shopping spree

After yesterdays announcement that Lycos is taking over the united-domains AG, which means they are getting further into the hosting-sector, it became known today that they are looking to purchase . is operating shopping-sites in France and Italy.

Johannes Beus - 08.01.2004 16:07

WEB.DE separates from Google is reporting that WEB.DE does not want to search with Google anymore. The specific contract was not renewed. The reason for their switch to Inktomi is supposed to be the bad quality of Google results.

Update [17:38]: Newsreport on the subject now also on

Johannes Beus - 08.01.2004 14:56

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