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Google IPO in April

Bloomberg is reporting that Google will use about 1/3rd of its shares in the amount of 4 billion US-Dollar for its IPO in April.

Johannes Beus - 06.01.2004 14:19

DeNIC is expecting the seven millionth .de-domain in January

The provider for .de-Domains is expecting to give out the seven millionth domain this January. At the momen, there are 6 951 926 registered .de-domains.

Johannes Beus - 05.01.2004 16:00

Google Zeitgeist 2003

Google published the Zeitgeist for 2003. It seems that searches for the term “Yu-Gi-Oh” seemed to have gone up largely in 2003. The most searched for movie was Matrix and Ryanair is in front of both the Deutschen Bahn and Lufthansa when it comes to travel-related searches.

Johannes Beus - 01.01.2004 11:05

Merry and successful 2004

We wish you all a merry and successful 2004.

Johannes Beus - 01.01.2004 11:01

Microsoft plans on selling paid searchengine-entries

The Kontakter is reporting that Microsoft is planning to get into the profitable market of paid search-results themselves. At the moment, they are cooperating with Overture and looking at their own MSN-searchengine, that is supposed to be ready at the beginning of next year, it seems they are planning on taking in all the profits themselves.

Johannes Beus - 17.12.2003 13:14 with Google AdSense will start using Googles AdSense in the future. They are hoping of doubling the revenues in this sector. Pressrelease

Johannes Beus - 11.12.2003 19:51

Google soon to be on Wall Street? is reporting that Google might be forced to report to the FTC due to a American law. Seeing how this would be expensive and quite an effort, Google might go through with their IPO sooner than expected.

Johannes Beus - 11.12.2003 14:58

Scout24 taken over by T-Online

According to, the Scout24-group was taken over by T-Online today for 180 Million EUR in cash. Gesundheitsscout24 and Morgen&Morgen are not part of the deal. This means that AutoScout24, ImmobilienScout24, JobScout24, FinanceScout24, FriendScout24 as well as other brands will now be part of T-Online.

Pressrelease Scout24
Pressrelease T-Online

Johannes Beus - 11.12.2003 10:14

Looksmart withdraws from Europe

Looksmart has announced that they will be closing down their London office on 01.15.2004. Their reasoning is that after they ended their partnership with MSN, they could not be profitable in Europe anymore. They will keep their offices on the USA, Japan and Australia.
Discussion on Webmasterword

Johannes Beus - 08.12.2003 21:34

A little fun with Google

When searching for Microsoft, you also get a result for „Microsoft Windows Update“. It seems that a ODP-editor entered it under „Computers > Internet > Abuse > Denial of Service“.

A search for „miserable failure“ also shows the political farsightedness of Google's algorithm.

Johannes Beus - 06.12.2003 23:09

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